About Visuray

An Imaging Revolution

Visuray was born out of a simple desire to help oil companies see inside their wells, thereby eliminating downtime on rigs where each moment of uncertainty translates to thousands of dollars lost. Conventional imaging in wells is fraught with issues, not least being the fact that most wells are filled with opaque fluid. The solution has been to use X-rays that pass through all types of well fluids and then to use the backscattered X-rays to produce 2D and 3D images of the downhole hardware, even in the most opaque and troublesome well environments.

With start-up funds from Statoil, BP and Shell, we first developed the foundation for our technology. In 2005, the first successful laboratory image was taken through mud. Two years later in 2007, a prototype four meters long and nine inches in diameter was run in the Ullrigg test well just outside Stavanger. This prompted a second round of funding by our JIP partners. In early 2015, after seven years and US$90 million of investment, a 3 5/8 inch commercial wireline tool, called the VR90, was successfully tested in a well in Germany.

Today, Visuray comprises a team of more than 50 professionals from 20 countries, offering with the VR90 tool the first X-ray diagnostic imaging service to inspect downhole hardware and completions in any well fluid, however opaque.
visuray helps oil companies see inside their wells

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