Downhole Safety Valve

Client Case Study

A North Sea operator was considering converting an injection well into a producer, but a malfunctioning downhole safety valve (DHSV) was preventing remedial equipment from passing through. They suspected the flapper to be stuck in an open position.

Visuray's VR90 downhole X-ray diagnostic service was used to diagnose the condition of the DHSV.

Images were obtained at several positions along the valve. The figure on the right shows side view drawings of the VR90 tool in relation to the flapper valve, and also corresponding renderings of what the tool sees, as well as X-ray images of what the tool sees. These indicate that the VR90 tool was resting on the flapper and pushing it open to varying degrees as the tool moved through the valve.

The X-ray images also show that the maximum measured opening angle of the flapper was 73°. This information verified that the client could install an insert DHSV through the existing valve, which they went on to do successfully. 

By using the VR90 downhole X-ray diagnostic service, the operator was able to determine the condition of the DHSV and proceed in the most cost-effective manner, saving time, reducing costs, and increasing operational safety. 
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