Case Studies

The VR90 downhole X-ray diagnostic service offers a number of versatile solutions. Besides running commercial jobs for operators, we are also able to tailor experiments to help clients decide how to address specific issues in the downhole environment. Contact us for a discussion if you have completion problems or plug and abandonment issues and would like us to build an Evaluative Case Study.

Imaging of Damaged Casing
Determining Position of Stuck Fish
Assessing Top of Twisted-off Tubing Section
Illuminating a Problem with Stuck Tubing
Identifying a Well Obstruction
Diagnosing Condition of Whipstock
flapper valve half open
Downhole Safety Valve
coiled tubing disconnect 2D xray image measurements
Fishing a Coiled Tubing Disconnect
crushed mandrel dimensionally accurate 2D xray image
Fishing a Crushed Mandrel
debris on fishing profile 3D image
Debris on a Fishing Profile
stuck drill pipe 2D xray image
Stuck Drill Pipe in Heavy Mud
fishing tool lost in hole 3D xray reconstruction
Fishing Tools Lost in Hole
imaging small objects key 3D reconstruction
Imaging Small Objects
stuck subsurface flapper valve 2D xray image
Stuck Subsurface Flapper Valve
tangled wireline cable 3D xray reconstruction
Tangled Wireline Cable
milling a frac plug 3D xray image
Trouble Milling a Frac Plug
visuray logo 2D xray image
Visuray Logo
fishing stuck wireline tool 2D xray image undamaged fishing neck
Fishing a Stuck Wireline Tool
jammed valve foreign object 2D xray image
Jammed Valve
bridge plug with metallic debris 2D xray image
Bridge Plug with Debris