visuray commercial well operation images taqa energy coiled tubing disconnect

First Commercial Well Operation

Published 27.10.2015
Visuray announced last week a first commercial application of their X-ray wireline technology for downhole imaging in wells filled with opaque fluid. In a well, managed by TAQA Energy B.V. in Holland, Visuray’s VR90® tool successfully imaged the top of a coiled tubing disconnect with millimeter accuracy. The high-quality X-ray images in both 2D and 3D are enabling TAQA to plan fishing operations in the well, and could minimize their future intervention costs.

‘This first job of the VR90 heralds a new era of Intelligent Well Intervention,’ says Kambiz Safinya, Group CEO of Visuray. ‘Operators  will now be able to see what’s inside their wells with high reliability, and on the first try they will be able to take the appropriate correct actions to remedy their problems with certainty, thereby saving time and money.’

About Visuray

Visuray is an oilfield service company that is pioneering downhole X-ray imaging to mitigate the risks oil companies face by giving them the power to see with certainty and act with confidence. With offices in Malta, Stavanger and Houston, Visuray is offering the VR90 commercial service to allow oil companies to see inside their wells, while charting a path forward to improve oil and gas well integrity, and eliminate radioactive materials from the oilfield. For more information, visit


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