Visuray® enters Russian market after completing successful multi-well campaign for major independent Russian oil company

Published 13.08.2018
Visuray has completed a multi-well new technology campaign in Russia for a major independent oil company. This is the first time that Visuray’s downhole X-ray services have been used in Russia. Visuray ran their VR90 Downhole X-Ray Diagnostic Service in multiple wells which were completed over the course of a month.

‘We are very happy to have performed our first operations in Russia, and that our VR90 Downhole X-Ray Diagnostic Service demonstrated its unique capabilities,’ says Sergey Feoktistov, Sales Director Europe, Middle East & Africa. ‘This signals our successful entry to the Russian market, which is full of potential. We look forward to continuing our expansion and bringing our downhole X-ray technology to customers in Russia and CIS.’

About Visuray

Visuray is an oilfield service company that is pioneering downhole X-ray diagnostics to mitigate the risks oil companies face by giving them the power to see with certainty and act with confidence. All of Visuray’s tools share a set of common technological elements called the Downhole X-Ray Platform. By harnessing the potential of this Downhole X-Ray Platform, Visuray’s services allow oil companies to see inside their wells, while charting a path forward to improve well integrity, and eliminate radioactive materials from the oilfield. Visuray has offices in Malta, Stavanger, Houston, Moscow, and Kuwait. For more information, visit
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