Visuray Introduces the New VR90s Advanced Diagnostic Tool for Well Inspection

Published 15.08.2017
Following the successful launch of the VR90 downhole X-ray diagnostic tool in 2015, Visuray has developed an improved version of the tool known as the VR90s advanced diagnostic tool. The VR90s tool is the second product offering from the Visuray Downhole X-Ray Platform family.
The VR90s tool is rated to the higher temperature of 125 deg C and is available in a slimmer 3 3/8-in housing. The tool offers enhanced measurement capability with millimetric scanning of zones of interest for closer diagnosis of in-well details, debris, or damage. This ability is further enhanced by a wider field of view for more complete imaging of target objects. Combined with an integrated positioning module, the VR90s tool can be precisely positioned within the well. Compliance with NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156 also primes the VR90s tool for service in sour wells.
The VR90s tool has been tested and is now commercially available.
‘The VR90 downhole X-ray diagnostic service has a great track record in providing our customers with accurate and unambiguous answers, but the enhanced capabilities of the VR90s tool meet a greater range of client needs,’ said Kambiz Safinya, Visuray’s Group CEO. ‘We are excited to offer this new service that will provide our clients improved images in problem wells, however opaque the downhole environment.’
About Visuray
Visuray is an oilfield service company that is pioneering downhole X-ray diagnostics to mitigate the risks oil companies face by giving them the power to see with certainty and act with confidence. The Visuray Downhole X-Ray Platform is a family of services that allows oil companies to see inside their wells, while charting a path forward to improve well integrity, and eliminate radioactive materials from the oilfield. Visuray has offices in Malta, Stavanger, Houston, and Moscow. For more information, visit 

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