The VRFE72 Formation Evaluation Tool:
A True Sourceless Wireline Triple Combo

The VRFE72 Formation Evaluation Tool is designed to provide industry standard formation evaluation without harmful radioactive isotopes.

Harnessing Visuray’s Downhole X-ray Platform®, the VRFE72 Formation Evaluation Tool is a second-generation Visuray service that comprises three distinct measurements: X-ray based litho-density, electronically-produced neutron porosity, and resistivity.  The litho-density sub radiates X-ray photons from the tool to evaluate the formation. 

The VRFE72 service overcomes the logging speed limitations of current radio-isotope-based measurements because the number of photons which the source can produce is not limited by concerns over radiation safety.  The brightness of the source enables the tool-string to be logged at speeds in excess of 7200ft/hr while maintaining the industry-standard 0.01g/cc measurement repeatability, thereby dramatically shortening the logging time compared to logging tools using radio-isotopes. As the X-ray source is not radioactive, handling is implicitly safe, and logistics simplified.  Once the source is electronically deactivated, it ceases to radiate and is rendered safe, unlike radio-isotopes that continue to produce radiation.