Fishing a Coiled Tubing Disconnect

Client Case Study

Netherlands operator TAQA Energy B.V. ran into a problem when a bottom-hole assembly became stuck in a well as part of a gas storage project. They wanted to image the top of the BHA, believed to be a coiled-tubing disconnect, with high accuracy, so as to ensure a successful latch onto the fish, and ultimately a speedy commissioning of the well.

Visuray ran the VR90 X-ray diagnostic tool to provide the required imaging, producing clear 2D and 3D images of the fish within minutes despite the murky well fluids.

From the 2D image (top right), Visuray engineers were able to measure the inner and outer diameter of the CT disconnect to within 1 mm of the expected values CT disconnect, confirming the identity of the object. Furthermore, the 3D reconstructions (bottom right) reveal cylindrically-shaped debris inside the CT disconnect. Identification of this debris would have been crucial had the client planned to use a spear to fish the object. Instead, the client planned to use an overshot and successfully retrieve the disconnect in a single run.
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coiled tubing disconnect 2D xray image measurements