VR90s® Advanced Diagnostic Service:
Slimmer, higher specs, and H2S-resistant

The VR90s advanced diagnostic tool is built on the Visuray Downhole X-Ray Platform® like the VR90 tool and offers the same revolutionary imaging of downhole hardware in the most opaque environments. But it features significant technology upgrades, allowing the VR90s service to address more complex client problems and provide images in more difficult environments.



The new tool, which has a higher temperature rating at 125 deg C, offers enhanced measurement capability with a fully integrated positioning device. This permits millimetric scanning of zones of interest of up to 50 cm with a zoom function, allowing closer inspection of in-well debris, damage, or details to thoroughly evaluate well component integrity. A wider field of view also allows for more complete imaging of target objects. Lastly, its slimmer outer diameter of 3 3/8 in allows passage through apertures as small as 3 1/2 in internal diameter.


The VR90s tool boasts:
  • A slimmer O.D. of 3 3/8-in. allowing passage through apertures as small as 3 ½ in.
  • A higher temperature rating of 125°C
  • A fully integrated positioning device with a 50-cm zoom function that permits millimetric imaging and closer inspection of in-well debris and damage
  • A wider field of view allows for more complete imaging of the target object

Measurement specifications

Depth of investigation 100 mm
Depth resolution < 5 mm
Lateral resolution < 1 mm
Depth accuracy 5 mm
Lateral accuracy 1 mm

Equipment Specifications

Pressure 9,000 psi (620 bar)
Temperature 257 deg F (125 deg C)
OD 3 3/8 in. (86 mm)
Field of View 9 in.
Sour Well Service Compliant with NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156


Now Available

The VR90s tool is expected to bring new value to well diagnostic imaging, while positioning the Visuray family for further enhancements that will enable Visuray Downhole X-Ray Platform technology to penetrate even more hostile well environments. Contact us for more details.

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