Visuray Story


Visuray was born out of a simple desire to help oil companies see inside their wells, where each moment of uncertainty translates to thousands of dollars lost. Conventional imaging in wells is impossible in most cases because well fluids are usually opaque. The solution is to use X-rays that pass through all types of well fluids and can produce 2D and 3D images of downhole hardware, even in the most opaque well environments.


In order to develop this unique technology, Visuray has a team of 30 professionals  working out of offices in Europe and the US. After over 10 years of research and development, the team has overcome a vast array of technical challenges, and successfully developed a set of technological elements called the Downhole X-Ray Platform, which is the foundation for all of Visuray’s products.


All of Visuray’s X-ray tools generate high-energy radiation electronically in a perfectly safe manner, without the use of chemical nuclear sources. Therefore, in helping oil companies see inside their wells, Visuray also reduces health and safety risk, improves environmental performance, and meets increasingly stringent governmental regulation arising from security concerns.
visuray helps oil companies see inside their wells