The VR360® Diagnostic Cement Evaluation Tool:
A quantum leap in well integrity

The VR360 Diagnostic Cement Evaluation Tool is designed to provide a much-needed step change in cement evaluation. Cement integrity is the most important factor in well safety throughout the life of the well.

Harnessing Visuray’s Downhole X-ray Platform®, the VR360 Diagnostic Cement Evaluation Tool is a second-generation Visuray service that radiates X-ray photons radially outward from the tool axis to evaluate cement integrity and detect mechanical anomalies, even in double casing strings. The service will be available in mid 2022.

The VR360 service overcomes many of the limitations of current cement evaluation technology. It is the first direct measurement of cement distribution, with the ability to evaluate even the most advanced, lightweight oil-well cements, thereby making it superior to current ultrasonic technology. While regulatory focus on deep-water well integrity initially stimulated this development, an increasing focus on the safe abandonment of wells in depleted fields has opened a new and important market for the service.

Significant industry funding has already been secured to accelerate the commercial development of the VR360 Diagnostic Cement Evaluation Tool. Key milestones in its technical development have also been reached with full-scale tests in realistic single- and dual-casing well environments, proving the tool’s ability to directly evaluate cement distribution and determine mechanical integrity.
Illuminate the Invisible
Illuminate the Invisible