Debris on a Fishing Profile

Evaluative Case Study

Retrievable downhole hardware often features an internal profile, such as a GS type profile, that can be engaged by a spear in order to pull the equipment from the well. Without knowing the state of the hardware and the condition of the profile, it is difficult for the operator to decide how to proceed.

Visuray’s VR90 X-ray diagnostic service can illuminate the problem and suggest a path forward.

In a 3D X-ray reconstruction obtained in Visuray’s test facilities (top right), it is clear that a small tube has become bent across the top edge of the fish and around the GS fishing profile. The tube would prevent a spear from engaging the profile as well as prevent the fish from being swallowed by an overshot. Knowing the size, shape and position of the debris within the fish, the operator can now decide how to proceed.
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debris on fishing profile 3D image