Fishing a Stuck Wireline Tool

Evaluative Case Study

When a wireline tool becomes stuck and the wireline is pulled off at the weak point, the wireline tool must be fished out using the cable head fishing neck. However, the fishing neck may be damaged or bent, and the radial position within the well may be unknown.

The VR90 X-ray diagnostic service can be used to inspect the fishing neck and determine its position prior to, or between, fishing attempts. 

The images, obtained at Visuray’s test facilities, show a fishing neck in several possible orientations. In the first image (top right), an undamaged fishing neck is oriented vertically and centered in the well. This is usually a straightforward fishing job. 

In the second image (middle right), the fishing neck is still oriented vertically, but is now lying on the low side of the well. In the third image (bottom right), the fishing neck is bent, so the head appears tilted and the shaft is faintly visible towards the upper left of the image (highlighted with white lines). Either of these cases would prove more difficult to fish, but the information provided by the VR90 will help the operator plan the appropriate fishing operation.
fishing stuck wireline tool 2D xray image fishing neck bent
fishing stuck wireline tool 2D xray image fishing neck offcenter