Trouble Milling a Frac Plug

Evaluative Case Study

During multi-stage fracing operations, plugs must be set and then milled between each stage. If milling fails, operators may run an impression block to determine the cause of the hold-up or a junk basket to attempt to remove any debris. The alternative option of running a video camera is time-consuming and costly due to the need to clean the well. 

Visuray, on the other hand, can run VR90 X-ray imaging tool regardless of the well fluid and obtain clear images in real time to determine the cause of the milling problem.

The images (middle and bottom right), obtained at Visuray’s test facility show how the obstruction would be quickly identified as an open-hole coring bullet. The operator would then be able to plan a suitable fishing solution, allowing the multi-stage fracing operation to proceed with minimal delay.
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milling a frac plug 2D xray image
milling a frac plug 3D xray image