An Important Milestone

Published 17.11.2014
Visuray passed an important milestone this month: the VR90 tool (formerly Visuwell) started testing inside the Visuray Test Well on November 7th after a prolonged period of laboratory testing.

The tool is functioning as expected and the team at Visuray is delighted with the results. No serious problems were encountered in the integration of the tool string.

We believe that the VR90 is the first tool of a series of game changing technologies that will impact the ability of oil & gas exploration and production companies to improve safety, increase the knowledge of their wells and at the same time reduce costs. The VR90 is capable of providing 2D and 3D X-ray images of the inside of a well without the need to condition well fluids at high expense, or to have detailed knowledge of the inside geometry and physical properties of the materials inside the well. This represents a step improvement of in-well-imaging methods and accuracy compared to traditional methods utilizing video technology and/or ultrasonic methods.

In the last week of October, Visuray presented its first paper on the VR90 at the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition of the Society of Petroleum Engineers in Amsterdam. The paper was well received and Visuray’s booth was frequented by oil and gas company representatives expressing their interest in running the technology as soon as it was available. The VR90 will commence a field test campaign in the coming weeks and following this it will commence commercial work for the several oil and gas companies that have requested the service once it is available.

The underlying X-ray technology and the know-how Visuray has developed over the years in how to deploy this technology inside a hydrocarbon bearing well is unique. Visuray is the only company in the world that has been able to master the challenge of developing a downhole X-ray imaging tool.

Visuray is currently also working on several other projects using our X-ray technology. These projects are focusing on Cement Evaluation (VR360) and Formation Evaluation. An update of the progress of these projects will be given in due time.

We want to thank our employees, Joint Industry Partners, sub-contractors and investors for their hard work, patience and support in delivering this revolutionary technology to market.

For further information:

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