visuray crew on statoil rig offshore norway

First Downhole X-Ray Operation Offshore Norway for Statoil

Published 19.07.2016
On June 27, Visuray performed the first downhole X-ray diagnostic operation offshore Norway for Statoil. The objective was to image and unambiguously diagnose the status of a downhole safety valve so the operator could plan future workover operations. Visuray’s VR90 X-ray imaging tool acquired multiple downhole measurements and provided valuable information for the client. The results demonstrate the VR90’s unique ability to obtain dimensionally accurate downhole X-ray images in opaque well fluid environments and in offshore operations.

‘To our knowledge, this was the first time an X-ray tool has ever been run in an offshore well. The job went safely and smoothly, and in fulfilling the customer requirement we’ve proven the reliability of the VR90 tool and service,’ says Sergey Feoktistov, Sales Director Europe. ‘As Visuray’s downhole X-ray diagnostic service gains credibility and visibility, we look forward to expanding our operations worldwide and enabling our customers to optimize well interventions and save operating costs.’

About Visuray

Visuray is an oilfield service company that is pioneering downhole X-ray imaging to mitigate the risks oil companies face by giving them the power to see with certainty and act with confidence. With offices in Malta, Stavanger, Houston, and Russia, Visuray is offering the VR90 commercial service to allow oil companies to see inside their wells, while charting a path forward to improve oil and gas well integrity, and eliminate radioactive materials from the oilfield. For more information, visit 

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